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  • Marcel Britsch

    Marcel Britsch

    London-based digital consultant, product owner and business analyst: www.linkedin.com/in/marcelbritsch. Marcel writes on behalf of www.burnupmedia.com.

  • Kent Beck

    Kent Beck

    Kent is a long-time programmer who also sings, plays guitar, plays poker, and makes cheese. He works at Gusto, the small business people platform.

  • Patrick Schönfeld

    Patrick Schönfeld

    Trying to improve the chaos called work - one article at a time. Blogging on Medium and on my blog chaosverbesserer.de.

  • Diogo Nunes

    Diogo Nunes

    Software Tester, Mentor, Blogger, Photographer, Gamer, Novelist wanna-be, Fantasy lover… I’m probably forgetting something else. (www.diogonunes.com)

  • Júlia Marczak Birkett

    Júlia Marczak Birkett

    Product Engineer. Constantly delivering tested code. Using user’s shoes. Improving everyday.

  • Eduardo Narros

    Eduardo Narros

  • Sofia Fernandes

    Sofia Fernandes

  • Uberto Barbini

    Uberto Barbini

    JVM and Kotlin independent consultant. Passionate about Code Quality and Functional Programming. Author, public speaker and OpenSource contributor.

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